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Theory: What's the thinking?

Over many years of working with people, I have found that traditional mentoring discussions, face to face over a table can sometimes be too intense for many mentees. People might find it invasive and awkward to engage in direct eye to eye communication. This discomfort means that getting to the heart of their issues can be challenging.


Have you ever had a deep and meaningful conversation with a taxi driver? Or found it much easier to share your worries and anxieties while you’re a passenger in a car on the move or going for a walk or cycling with a friend.


It’s no secret that when we’re not looking someone in the eye, conversations can flow easier and gives people the space to collect their thoughts. By avoiding direct eye contact, speaking your mind is much less intimidating. 


Mind Moves was developed to remove the barriers that traditional one to one mentoring can present and to offer people a safe space to share with the mentor without the intimidation of having to look them in the eye. 

Mind Moves offers a safe, judgement-free space which can remove conversational barriers that traditional mentoring can present. 

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