Process: How it works ?

Mind Moves is a mobile mentoring service, taking place from a car, or on a walk - literally, while on the move! It is a referral service, aimed at supporting people 11 years to adults who need a little extra support or guidance. 

An initial meeting takes place followed by an agreed plan of work with the mentee and/or their referrer. The mentor then picks the mentee up in the Mind Moves vehicle for a drive or meets at a choosen location for a walk or cycle ride. This could be from school, home, work or other location – and the individual programme of work begins. 


Mind Moves Services is aimed at supporting people with their mental and physical health and can provide guidance on better decision making. All the sessions are built around individual identified needs. Each session is 1 hour long and as a government-identified Key Worker the mobile sessions are delivered safely from a vehicle,a walking session, a cycle ride, virtually or from a building.


The flexibility of the work means that daytime, evening, or weekend sessions can be offered, including extended mentor support.

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